Helene Kvint Performing artist

About Helene Kvint

My life in brief

From 1993-1996 I studied at “School of Stage Art” by Cantabile II where-after I left Denmark to work and study internationally as a performance artist. I studied with “Derevo - School on Wheels” from 1997-1998 and ended up working in Germany with various groups for over five years. Later I set up base in Prague where I founded two groups - “Antena Theatre” and “The Secondhand Women”. In 2004/2005 I moved back to Denmark and settled in Copenhagen.

Today I’m engaged in various projects - some solo and others with my two groups; “The Secondhand women” and “CoreAct”, which I founded with Anika K. Barkan in 2006.

All of my projects initiates in personal experiences, curiosity and reflections - from my childhood as a dyslectic and gender equality in Europa to stroke, dememsia and sorrow.

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Links to my performance groups: